Friday, May 28, 2010

It's Out There!! - Smith & Vallee in City Arts Magazine

Okay, we have been dying with anticipation to tell you about our exciting inclusion in an article about different arts scenes outside of the city (aka, Seattle). We have, of course, known for years about all of the wonders of the arts in this area and are happy that others are taking notice.

How it Happened

We were setting up a for a Leadership Skagit benefit at the gallery on a quiet day when the editor of City Arts Magazine, Mark Baumgarten came in to take a look. Despite the hurried mess of setting up for the function, we were able to talk to him and tell him what we are all about.

The Cover

Does it look familiar? It's an artwork by Michelle Newman currently on display in our exhibition Don't Call it Student Art. Since City Arts normally stages and shoots its own cover image, it was great that they thought this image epitomized exactly this so, so cool road trip idea. More about that here.


Wes Smith and Andrew Vallee smile for the camera
(or try to look super slick)

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