Thursday, July 8, 2010

"School of Fish" and Much, Much More

Since our last post we finished and took down Todd Horton, "Minor Keys" with Peregrine O'Gormley and Chelsea Jepson. It was one of our best shows, and we kept the few works of Todd's that did not sell (so if you want to take a look come by!).

"School of Fish: Contemporary Work by Select Fishtown Artists" has taken off! We had a great opening reception and appreciate all of the positive feedback so far. Running in conjunction with “Artists, Poets, Scholars: Fishtown and the Skagit River” curated by Kathleen Moles at the Museum of Northwest Art, “School of Fish” features contemporary work by some of the artists from Fishtown’s legacy and shows the trajectory of that artists career.

"School of Fish" Artists

Michael Clough

Julie Kerwin

Charles Krafft

Paul Hansen

Bo Miller

Allen Moe

Eric Nelsen

Hans Nelsen

Maggie Wilder

Looking to August...

Our swallows are already excited for "BIRDS." We have already heard from about 35 artists and are expected to have a few more join the roaster. We plan to stack the gallery thickly in salon style and have flocks of birds whizzing by on our floating walls.

Some of the artists include Seattle folks like Carolyn Krieg, Joey Veltkamp, Justin Gibbens, Angela Scott / Skagit artists including Todd Horton, Ann Reid, Kris Molesworth, Ries Niemi, David Blakesley, Kathy Glowen, Kathleen Faulkner / Bellingham artists such as Michelle Newman, Steeb Russell, Ruthie V, Kat Houseman, Kelly Bjork / and off as far as the Peninsula like Karen Hackenberg and David Eisenhour.

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