Thursday, October 14, 2010

Preview! Cynthia Camlin and Michael Oppenheimer

Cynthia Camlin & Michael Oppenheimer
November 6 - 28, 2010

Artist Reception, Saturday, Nov. 6 (5-8pm)

Cynthia Camlin, a new professor in the Fine Art Department at Western Washington University, constructs glacial, geometric shapes that explore ideas of nature, the sublime and act as haunting barometers of global warming. Camlin, who is also a new member of Seattle's Punch Gallery, has shown nationally including the recent "Critial Messages: Northwest Artists on the Environment" at the Western Gallery in Bellingham.

Accompanying Cynthia Camlin is Lummi Island sculptor Michael Oppenheimer whose artwork directly responds to its environmental setting -- moving or resonating with weather conditions and sometimes responding to the viewer's gaze.

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